Class Descriptions

 Haven Barre: This class upbeat and energizing class targets the legs and glutes, but, also incorporates toning and strengthening of the arms and abs. You will use the barre and other equipment such as a mini ball and hand weights to sculpt, tone and strengthen your whole body!
Bootcamp: Bootcamp will challenge your strength and endurance. Cardio drills, Bodyweight exercises and Strength utilizing weights. All levels of fitness welcome. All exercises will have modifications for those just beginning their fitness journey.
Gentle Yoga: Yoga improves your strength, balance and flexibility. Connecting movement and breath also improves mental clarity. The majority of poses are for beginners with an occasional challenge pose. Options will be presented to support you and make the poses work for where your body is that day.
Mixed Cardio & Conditioning: This class was created to offer variety that both keeps things interesting & fun as well as giving us a full body workout - not leaving anything out! The class follows through a series of different types of cardio & conditioning you find in our other classes all combined into one! So much fun - and in nice weather it's outdoors! Feeding the mind, body and soul with a great workout and sunshine!
Yoga Sculpt:  Is it Yoga?  Is it Sculpt?  Yoga Sculpt is its own animal.  Fueled by yoga, weights, cardio,  music, breath, movement, and heat this class will deliver a complete well rounded body workout.  Sculpt yoga will assist you on your path for managing stress and increasing strength and flexibility.
Zumba: Do you like to dance? Do you have trouble getting yourself work out? Zumba is for you!  Burn calories, strengthen muscle, get in your cardio.. all while having a super fun time! Zumba is a dance fitness class that brings in a combination of international music and contemporary American music that is SO much fun to dance to. This Zumba class welcomes beginner to experienced. You do not have to be highly "coordinated" to do this class! You will get to know the songs & moves from session to session!