Let’s get real…

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Posted on June 16, 2014 Let’s get real… Welcome everyone.  Today I would like to share with you a bit about my recent journey and my choice in happiness.  I hope you can find some inspiration in this. Holy moly. … Read More

What motivates you?

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Have you ever heard that motivation is an internal force rather than external?  Sometimes this is hard to believe considering that conversations and people can either energize you or drain you! After I listen to an inspirational or motivational speaker … Read More

10 Ways to Be Happier

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LiveHappy is a new magazine and movement.  It has inspiration, motivation and education on being happier.  Isn’t that what we all want? Check out their top 10 tips to Be Happier! Surround yourself with happy people! Happiness is contagious. When you … Read More

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