The Most Important Change to Make For Your Health This Year

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For those that know me, you may describe me as being “into health” or “into happiness.”  It’s funny that many have told me how happy they are for me that I have found my path.  Believe it, or not, I don’t really feel I have.  Health & Happiness is just the umbrella to so many paths that fall under this category.  Indeed, I am passionate about both health & happiness, but what I often wonder is, ‘what is my voice’ and heart in heart hands- warm background‘what am I supposed to do in this life to make the largest impact on others and their health & happiness.’  I don’t have a clear answer yet, but I do know this, that today’s post is not something I am just passionate about, but something I believe so strongly in that until we can each get this figured out in life we will never be fully happy or healthy.  It’s something I fight with daily and often feel discouraged on how to overcome it as well as teach others about.
This missing link to our ultimate health & happiness is our pace of life. We can eat all the veggies in the world, run all the marathon’s possibleh, but without the awareness of whether we plan to take the backroad or the freeway, we can’t reach that higher point of health & happiness. Studies show that the effect of stress is not just mental, but very physical.  Stress can and does lead to disease, sleep deprivation, weight gain and more.  Stress creates an inflammatory response in the body that can cause a lot of damage.  I could list research for you, but instead I will tell you that I know this personally.  Over the last couple of years I allowed myself to be a slave to my inner fears and I overworked myself to compensate.  I quickly developed heart palpitations, acne, some weight gain and the finale of this all was a stress rash. It wasn’t until the stress rash that I finally realized something needed to change.  I was worried about money and growing a business and becoming successful in whatever it is that I was to do that I completely neglected anything that actually mattered. Looking back (and still recovering), I can see I went through this for a reason.  How can I help people if I haven’t actually experienced it myself?
I spent over a year working solely as health coach offering clients information and guidance to help them become healthier, lose weight, decrease pain and have more energy.  Although, I found this to be wonderful and humbling, I also felt the voice inside of me screaming to get out. There’s something more I am to be teaching, but what? Then, taking a hiatus from coaching and exploring an even more nutritional venture in helping people more specifically with food, I found myself unhappy, but why? I was constantly receiving praise for the help I was able to offer so why couldn’t I be happy? I wasn’t using my true voice and helping people in the way I felt they needed it. (On another subject, always listen to your voice and be true to yourself.  You can never change who you are deep within, you can only take the measures to become more of that person and in becoming more of who you are brings out much greater happiness)
The events over the last couple of years that I felt I am the greatest help to others is when I have been able to assist them in making realizations for themselves on how they TRULY want to be living their life. I could sit and talk with a client all day long about their food journal, but until they prioritize and make more room and time for what matters, eating healthy and living healthy will always be a struggle. In leading a retreat, Feed Your Body & Your Soul, with Pastor Shari Luebbert of Tapestry Vineyard a couple Septembers ago, I had a realization to my calling. Help people become aware that they have a choice in how they want to live their life.  Helping others see that they don’t HAVE TO do EVERYTHING and that REST is a GOD GIVEN, NECESSITY and GIFT in life.  There is a HUGE need for awareness of our choices in life.  We are currently being told to eat healthier, sleep more and exercise more.  So, those that do make these choices add these tasks on top of their already full schedule. My heart can no longer handle helping people with their nutrition, all along knowing it’s their schedule that’s really the issue. Unhappy people make unhealthy choices. Plain and simple. Happy people make healthier choices.  Life is meant to be lived to it’s fullest, you can’t live to your fullest with a full schedule.
One thing I have struggled with lately is how to help people realize this.  How do you help someone go against the grain? Be different than the rest? Slow down while everyone else is speeding up? I’m not exactly sure where I will go from here (although I absolutely love retreats and will be planning at least one this year), but here is my start to a more defined path in helping others to slow down, look around, be present, live life to it’s fullest, have time for their priorities in life and to be able to live life slow enough to see all the beauty and gifts given daily.
You can expect to read tips and inspiration in this blog on how to slow down, organize your schedule, be more present, work through anxiety, decrease stress, and how to truly live.  I am going through this journey at the same time and from the deepest part of me I feel the calling to help others see this awareness and help them build the courage within themselves to make the changes needed.
I will leave you with this today, in The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan he speaks about creating vs recreating and to stop working so hard to create and take time to recreate, to refresh and to reenergize. Take time to recreate you, your personality and your love for life.
Take the time to actually enjoy all that you do and all that you have created.
The MOST important change you can make for your health this year is to slow down, look around and be present.
I could keep writing and writing and writing on this subject, but I will stop here today! I believe you have what it takes to become a healthier & happier person by taking the initial step to slowing down in life.  Become aware of the busy life you lead and tell yourself you’ll do whatever it takes to become the healthy and happy person you are capable of being.
Because Happi is Healthy.
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