I’m Addicted and I Bet You Are Too.

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Addiction isn’t just for “some” people. There are some personalities that are more addictive than others and some have gone through more difficult times than others, but in the end I think most all of us are addicts and especially to this. I think this is something that needs attention and awareness in order for us to realize it’s a problem we all have. It may not have initially started as our fault, but it is now our problem and we are each responsible for doing something about it.
That addiction I am talking about is food. How difficult has the beginning of every diet been for you? When you tell yourself no more sweets and no bread, do you sometimes find it almost impossible to stay out of the cookie jar? You’re not alone. I battle it and so does just about every other person in America.
Food companies have found a way to feed our emotional issues by filling our foods with sugar, fats and additives. They have made food so tasty and desirable. We use it to try and cure many hunger pains we have. Have you ever asked yourself, “why do I keep eating?” or “why do I keep choosing to eat these foods?” or “why can’t I stop?”
Tasty foods react “positively” in our brain giving us a sort of high. We eat it because we want to feel that again and again. Food, also, is used to satisfy cravings for other things in life. Example: stress eating.
Honestly, let me ask you this. How many Americans would you say are not stressed? Slim to none. Most of us are stressed and most of us stressed eat. I know I do. I have, my entire life, looked to food as an outlet when I feel insecure, overworked, under slept.. you name it!
Here and now is what we need to come together for:
We need tor realize we are not alone. Many of us have this issue and we must understand and accept that this is an actual addiction.
Give yourself some grace and acceptance and then make the decision to work through your addiction.
Here is what we need to do:
Start paying attention to your feelings when you are going for another plate of food, a 6th cookie, the sweets after dinner, the bread we crave….
What are you trying to feed when we overeat or make poor (but tasty choices)
Is it our boredom? Our stress? Our unhappiness? Our Fear?
I’ve gotten carried away with sweets over the holidays so as of Sunday I told myself no more sweets this week. It’s been two days and both days I’ve wanted to grab for some chocolate and sweets. It’s not easy to tell myself no, but it starts to make me more aware and question – ‘why do I feel I need these extra sweets or overindulgence?’ ‘What am I feeling that makes me believe extra food or sweets will help?’
If you’re not sure you have an addiction yet – stop eating the carbs/breads and sweets you normally eat and see how your brain and body react!
We’re in this together!
(oh and side note, when I looked online for images related to the word ‘addiction’ the first 15 pictures were pictures of peoples and their phones and electronics… topic for another day I guess!)

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