Finding Greater ‘Balance’ this year…

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We all want it.  We all crave it.  Less work and more time for ourselves, our families and the things we enjoy in life.

This is a subject I could speak on forever… in fact that’s my overall goal, to help others work less, play more BUT, also, enjoy their work more.  Does this all sound too good to be true? I’m not a magician and I can’t physically change anything for you, but as I am doing in my own life I can help YOU make physical and mental changes in your life and personally to overall enjoy life more.

People will argue whether work-life balance is a real thing.  Many experts say work-life balance doesn’t exist because there is no real balance in life and, technically, they are right, but work-life balance does exist and here is why…

Work-life balance is all based on perception.  Balance is considered to be anything of equal proportion or CORRECT proportion.  Now, for this theory we are going to use the verbiage correct proportion instead of equal. Perception is the way we each view things.  Just like when we receive a text that was supposed to be funny, but we didn’t read it that way or how when police ask for information from bystanders that witnessed a car accident and each has their own story or interpretation.  Perception is a wonderful thing.. or it can be a wonderful thing I should say.  It’s what makes the world interesting.  In this case, correct proportions of work/life balance is all based on how we perceive what proportion is correct.  What stresses one person out may not stress out another. To sum it up, work-life balance does exist and you owe it to yourself to try and make it correct in your life.  Our lives are always changing so it’s never about finding the perfect proportions and expecting them to stick.  We must adjust as our lives change.

Here is what I will say though, most of us are way out of whack with our proportions.  Picture your work and life as 2 jugs of water.  We have put WAY too much water into one jug (work).  It’s over flowing and we have left the other empty (life). Even it out.  Give more to your life and less to you work. I’m not sure what has led us to this point in life that we feel the daunting expectations from the taskmaster in our head each day, but it’s time we take a stance and tell our taskmasters to go to hell and allow ourselves to breath. It’s time to fill your Life jug with the water it needs.  To create more peace and harmony in your life by finding the correct proportions for yourself.

I am working really hard to be true to myself and find the right balance for me.  Again, it’s ever changing, but I will practice to adjust with those changes.  I want this for you too.

Life isn’t easy and if we don’t pay attention to control it, we naturally overfill one jug more than the other. If there is any area in life I say we work harder it’s on our happiness by finding our correct proportions.  What matters in life if you are lacking happiness? Seriously.. think about it. Money doesn’t matter, work doesn’t matter, life doesn’t have as much meaning if we lack happiness. God created us to ‘do good and be happy’ (like said in Ecclesiastes 3:12) so strive each day to make that happen.

If you want help with this, that’s what I do. Working in person (where location allows) or virtually to help you find greater ‘balance’ and happiness in your life through health, nutrition and life changes. Contact me today.

Because Happi is Healthy!

Anna Simon



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