Why don’t other people tell me this?

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Posted on May 27, 2014

Welcome back beautiful friends,

Has this sunshine we have now had several days in a row done good for you and your body?  I know it has for me.  The warmth on my skin, the smell of fresh cut grass, the birds chirping.  When we stop to “smell the roses” we can see the beauty lying all around us!

Today, I have a really important question to begin answering, Why don’t people tell us the stuff we REALLY need to know?

First, let me tell you what I mean by that.

The more I pursue my personal and business growth the more and more questions I have.  I discover a new topic in nutrition and then I instantly need to know more about it, but why didn’t someone already tell me this important information?  Or how about this – investing?  Why hasn’t anyone taught me or shared with me how to invest my money and where to put my money? Here is a hot topic for the season- How the hell do I garden?  As I found out last year, it’s not as simple as putting seeds in the ground, watering them and reaping the astounding benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables when ripe.  The instructor in a gardening class earlier this spring said she is still learning every year!  Opening the gates to new adventures, skills and opportunities feels wonderful, but it makes me realize how little I know!

I decided to write on this topic today because I’ve been asking myself this same question more frequently lately.  Especially after Lucy’s diagnosis and surgery.  (To catch those up to speed that haven’t read my latest posts, Lucy is my 4 legged Daughter (no silent G) who was diagnosed with a disk disease leaving her back legs paralyzed in a matter of hours.  Brad and I elected for emergency surgery which gave her the highest chance at the most opitmal quality of life.)  Coming home with a dog who needs constant care – I had a lot of questions, but my biggest question was “Why couldn’t they tell me this!?) They sent Lucy home on crate rest and meds and quickly showed me how to express her bladder.  So now that I recieved 5 minutes of education I should go home and know what to do, right?  Sound familiar? They do this same stuff in the hospital.  There are resources on the internet -which is awesome, but you only start looking for them when you need the help.  It’d have been nice to know my dog fit the criteria for this “more common that I thought” disease.  Even further, it’d have been nice to know this disease even existed….

Now, though, let me bring this topic back to the “meaning” behind my post today.  Let’s talk about the “stuff” in life that we all have to deal with- food, home life, relationships, finances, spirituality…  We seem to think that because we all deal with this stuff we know what to do.  We are perfect at eating because our instincts given to us from thousands of ancestors have paved the way to a perfect eating style.  NOT.  Look at the disease and obesity today, we are far from having it “right.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to recieve a lot of this life education in high school and then get handed an Instruction manual on life at graduation with our diploma?  How about a “how to” on managing money?  I am sure there are thousands of books out there on it, but why must we go searching for books in order to know what to do?

Today, I am not going to give you 10 tips on how to manage money, eat well, live happy, mend relationships (these will be throughout other posts in the future)

I am telling you this, ITS UP TO US TO LEARN THIS STUFF. NO EXCUSES. Practice makes perfect and mistakes happen, but you’ll never get where you want to go without TRYING.


Terrible at managing money?  Seek a financial counselor, buy a book on “how to” and ask your closest friends and family for advice.


Dieting with no end in site?  Gained more weight than before the diet? Seek a health counselor :), spend time self reflecting to find out WHY you have difficulty following a healthy nutrition plan.  What in your life is CAUSING you to overeat?


Unhappy? Stressed? ITS UP TO YOU AND NO ONE ELSE TO CHANGE THIS.  Self reflect, pray, seek balance, make important changes that you’ve been putting off, be true to yourself (THIS IS WHAT I HELP WITH!!!!)


Do you get my point?  No more complaining.  Start changing.  YOU are the ONLY one in charge of your happiness and I mean that.


Continually fighting with your spouse? lacking love? Seek a counselor.  Obviously, what you’ve been doing isn’t working.


Everything I just mentioned above is not easy, but anything worth having doesn’t come easy now does it?


So, it’d be wonderful to receive the alimighty handbook on general and necessary information in life and maybe one day we can get more of this in school.  Until then, it’s up to you to create your own happiness.


What are you going start TODAY to make for a happier future?


You all have potential – it’s up to you if you want to use it.


Interested in tips, advice and empowerment to make these changes?  Take the first step by Checking out my next workshop, “12 steps to better health” on June 2nd at the ENM library from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  You won’t want to miss this.

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Blessings to a healthier and happier you,

Anna Simon RN BSN, HHC

Here is my husband and I out enjoying our Memorial Day mountain biking!


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Well said, Anna. You’ve reached the very heart of all things wrong with our outdated and pathetic education system.

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