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It’s OK to Eat a Cheeseburger.
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  Awareness, I believe, is the #1 thing we must have in order to move forward in life.  This means understanding WHY we do the things we do as well as seeing  a situation from more perspectives than just ours. … Read More

I’m Addicted and I Bet You Are Too.
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Addiction isn’t just for “some” people. There are some personalities that are more addictive than others and some have gone through more difficult times than others, but in the end I think most all of us are addicts and especially … Read More

Follow Your Heart & Find Your Happiness
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There are two ways to lead our lives which is our with our mind or our heart.  Our mind is the “I should do this” decisions and our hearts are the “I must” and the “I want to do this.” Stop … Read More

The Most Important Change to Make For Your Health This Year
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For a video version of this blog click here. For those that know me, you may describe me as being “into health” or “into happiness.”  It’s funny that many have told me how happy they are for me that I … Read More

Finding Greater ‘Balance’ this year…
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We all want it.  We all crave it.  Less work and more time for ourselves, our families and the things we enjoy in life. This is a subject I could speak on forever… in fact that’s my overall goal, to … Read More